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Rogues Like Beer

Big trouble at the old McGrath pub. The beer is finished!

And it will not be easy to get some more! Through the cellars of the pub, our friends will have to face deadly dangers to reach the much-desired trophy. But you know how they say… Sacrifices must be made, if you want to drink with your brigade!

Will our heroes be able to quench their throats? beers

  • WASD - Move around
  • Mouse - Rotate the view
  • LMB - Pick up objects
  • RMB - Call/Switch Buddy

Game made in 72h for Ludum Dare 43: "Sacrifices must be made"


Graphics style inpired by Bodie

Special thanks to the MadBear Gang for sharing this Ludum Dare with me.

All the contents were created during the 72h except for the followings:

  • Song “Banish” and “Denis Murphys John Ryans” by Sláinte
  • Font “Irish” Uncialfabeta by Manfred Klein
  • Sound Effects by Soniss

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If you experience any problem, please let me know!

Updated 11 days ago
Published 14 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
GenrePlatformer, Puzzle
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Arcade, First-Person, Funny, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 43, Singleplayer, Unity
LinksLudum Dare


NickZangus - LD43 - Rogues Like Beer - 29 MB
NickZangus - LD43 - Rogues Like Beer - 32 MB
NickZangus - LD43 - Rogues Like Beer - 43 MB


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how did you make a game this good in 72 hours?

This game was so much fun! I loved the music!

Really had fun with this game! The setting was unique and the puzzles have you thinking a bit outside the box. Great job Nick Zangus! What do we have to look forwards to for the future? 

Cute and fun. Love the art and music,  and I think if the Rogues that I called can dress different colors it will be more interesting. Nice game :)

another insane game!! never fail to make a great game :D keep up the great work dude!! :D 

Nice little game :) I like the art style and the theme :D Good job!

But why the dudes can't lay down the objects anymore?^^

Very fun game! Loved the look of it and the music fit great. All around good job!

Really a nice game, i wanna see more levels of it! The dialogue was nice and funny and the music was very fitting imo, the artstyle was great! Keep up the great work

This looks like something worth speedrunning. I'm setting up a leaderboard for it on I'll reply once its accepted.

It's already been accepted.

i know, i moderate it


Very clever! I couldn't help but feel bad at the countless Rogues I murdered unintentionally. Feels very polished and is one of my favorite experiences from LD43 I've played. Will always be looking forward to future releases.

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Dude i have just black screen ang music after launching the level (web) :(

Hi! Which platform and browser are you using? Could you try another browser? If it does not work, you can download the executable version.

Windows10/Chrome 70.0.3538.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)
I've checked gameplays and found that 3d graphics doesn't appear for some reason (even in the menu)
Ok, I'll use windows build ;)

I found a way to duplicate objects.(please do not remove it. it is a lot of fun for after you complete the game) so first you have both your rogues standing near water, one of your rogues should be holding an object. have the one holding the object fall into the water and as it goes below the water grab it(it will switch the camera to the other one automatically as the one holding the object dies). put it in the corner and then repeat(make sure to grab the one from where it spawns or they wont duplicate. ) have fun with this and build or do anything you could want with infinite items.

Hey man! I absolutely loved this! You smashed it out of the park, hope you enjoy my feedback :) Hoping you release even more levels!

Really good game! both style and gameplay stands out from all the rest. Great job.

The game is really cool, i like the puzzles, graphics, style...

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The game was a nice little puzzle game from the puzzles, the look of the game, and the little potato men. I'd love to see this extended further to add more difficulty to the mix. This was the third game I played.

That was a great puzzle game. I love the graphics.

Great work in the jam, stable and fun. :) 

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