Hang on to your helmet and prepare yourself for the fastest race of the galaxy!

Onboard the fastest spaceships you'll have to face frantic dodges, laser gates, and lethal cannons!
You must have strong reflexes to play this game!


◉ Fast action One-Touch Gameplay
◉ 8 unique spaceship
◉ Challenge your Friends for the High Score 
◉ Extremely Fun & Addicting!

How to Play:

◉ Tap to dodge obstacles
◉ That's all!

Any problems or suggestions? Contact me at support@nickzangus.com

Also available on


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How do you get the cool scrolling effect ( the obstacles load in as if they are rotating) ? It reminds me of animal crossing :D

Great idea! keep going and never give up. Some day you will be from the best game developers in the world. Have a great time on making video games.

great game

First off, thank you SO much for reaching out to me, to play this game, I had a blast and was totally worth it! :D Im sorry it took so long for me to get to it, if you have not known I was mia from the scene for a bit! but Im back and what a game to come back too! thank you so much Nick!