Greetings adventurer, welcome to our world!

I summoned you in our dimension to help us fight a terrible enemy. Since a long ago our lands have been threatened by a dark legion of undead soldiers and you will have to defeat them! skull_crossbones

Unfortunately, our budget was cut down… You’ll have to START this adventure WITH NOTHING! You know, this summoning things got a bit out of hand… and giving everyone a weapon it’s expensive!

But no more talk… Get going! Long is the road to the cursed forest where the king of the undead hides.

Go… And come back as the winner… Or don’t come back at all!


  • WASD - Move around
  • Mouse - Rotate the view
  • E - Interact
  • LMB - Attack
  • Space - Roll


All assets were created during the 72h except for the followings:

  • Songs “Action”. “Evening Melodrama” and “Midnight Tale” by Kevin MacLeod (
  • Font “Augusta” by Dieter Steffmann
  • Font “Coffee+Tea” by Shaped Fonts
  • Sound Effects by Soniss
  • Characters animations by Mixamo



If you experience any problem, please let me know!

Game made in 72h for Ludum Dare 45: "Start with nothing"


WIN - LD45 - Nick Zangus - Chronicles of the 66 MB
MacOS - LD45 - Nick Zangus - Chronicles of the 66 MB
Linux - LD45 - Nick Zangus - Chronicles of the 67 MB


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how do I save?

My favourite art style! It's great!

This is great!

I like the way you kept the graphics simple, yet very nice.  The light-heartness of the dialog was cool.

I came across this gem, I really love it you put a lot of passion on it and very funny the talking too, great job ! I will come back and play more :)

This was fun. Loved everything about it but the combat but I found a way to win anyways :)

Here's my video of this game.

Had a lot of fun with this one. The art style is great. The small enemies attacks felt a little hard to dodge and the big enemy was way easier. Great for a jam entry! I could see a full fledged Action RPG in this style.

Fun game with nice graphics and funny plot. BUT, combat system is a bit buggy, you can't hit the enemy after dodging his attack. Also, you get damaged if you walk over the corpses LOL :D
But great work! Reminds me of Adventure Quest 3D