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Take control of a shapeshifting robot to face a deadly obstacle course!

Deform his android body to acquire great powers (with no responsibility!): inflate it to float in the air, shrink it down to pass narrow passages and, of course, enlarge his fists to smash objects with extreme violence!

How long can you last?

Best played with XBOX controller

Game made in 72h for Ludum Dare 35: "Shapeshift"

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All the contents were created during the 72 hours except for the followings:

Music by Kevin MacLeod - incompetech.com
Font by George Edward Purdy - purdydesign.com
Sound Effects by soniss - soniss.com


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BOT RACE - WIN.zip 19 MB
BOT RACE - MAC.zip 33 MB


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My 3D TV VR box cardboard video gameplay side by side


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the keybindings/input are incomplete. there's nothing for inflate. in game it says tap "j" twice, but it's not in the keybinds/input. also, it doesn't allow mouse clicks. i have a 4 button trackball and i tried to use them but it doesn't allow it. i hope it can be updated because the game looks really fun.

Well done! The game is amazingly fun!

plz add a tutorial plz

Tear up a varied and well designed, seemingly randomly generated, obstacle course with the cutest robot ever in this endless runner. There is something about this game that not only doesn't make you want to rage but make you come back for more. There is just the right amount of mechanics for the player here, just enough to keep it interesting but few enough to stop the player from feeling overwhelmed. The best endless runner game I have played.

Bot Race

WOW! Nice job! I like the resemblance to Marvin the Paranoid Android from "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". :)

Good game. Lots of fun.

This game is one of the best endless games I have ever played!


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Awesome Game! So much fun. :)



Cute, adorable robot endless runner! What could go wrong? Especially when you can float through the air as a puffed up fat robot haha! :P

If you want i think you could make a 2-player compete mode where you can vs your friends to see who can survive the longest :D

Check out a fun lets play here:

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I can't be the only one who thought the robot looks strikingly similar to this guy:


I loved Bot Race! Keep up the great work! Here's a video I made for it on my channel: