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Love the art and animations, would be cool if it was reused in a other game that plays in a tavern. I'm not the puzzler type of player, only played around 8 levels.

How do you call your friend if you don't have a mouse

It's been 6 months but I hold ctrl and alt to switch

Really cool game hopefully more levels will be added on

Nice game


An interesting game.


alguien de nico core 


love the style

It was nice, but please specify in the controls that space is used to jump. I was really confused for a while.

A quick little fun game to spend your time. 10 minutes to beat it, but a really fun game

Well that was fun! Love the music and the mr Meeseeks-like guys. I couldn't finish the last level, tho.


Those egg heads are very funny...Clever game...Very well done...!!!

Thanks for this, I recently covered this in a "3 games 1 video" episode, check it out:

Super fun little puzzles i would love a longer game of this!

I'm getting an incredible "Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers" vibe from this. Well done.

I only have one thing to say about this game and that is YES! This game is awesome! I had alot of fun playing and it looks nice. I only wish for more levels.

Good job! :D

PS. Sacrifices must be made

Fun puzzles and stylized gfx combined made it an enjoyable experience overall. Would play if there are more puzzles

The puzzles are fun but the death count is high xD

i love puzzle and something absurb but i feel guilty to smash some potato man for beer

Really cool graphic and fun game play. Good work!

I think you put a lot of effort into this and did a good job.  Off to a great start!

Fun game with well crafted, but simple puzzles.
In my opinion it could be polished more and more variables could be added, in addition to different levels, because the ones available make it feel like a very short game.
Graphically I think the cell shadin is too strong and could be lowered a bit, and textures don't always feel in harmony (especially walls and floors).
The "story" is unfortunately unexistent, apart for the starting dialogue there's nothing more to keep the mood and the humor and even the ending is nothing more than a "thank you for playing the game" with no outro making you question your sacrifices/ showing the pals drinking the beer together.
1.5/5 for me, but keep going on with new games!

Really fun game. I usually don't like puzzle games ,because i suck at them, but this was really good.

I loved this game. Visuals were both hilarious and creative, would love to see this expanded out more into something bigger. If you are curious about trying this game I recommend giving it a go, it has originality and charm, two things that a lot of games miss out on these days. If you want a taste of the gameplay I made a lets play of the game. Thanks to the developers for posting this game, and I hope you make more!

Made a video

if you pick up an item and then use it to hang off of a ledge, your character drops the item. this makes the game much easier, as you can use these to get up onto the wooden beams in the walls and walk to the exit of several levels

I had a blast with this game! Entirely creative and I was surprised when the guys got crushed! I almost didn't notice it at first! Wish there was more to it! Keep up the great work! Hope you don't mind me adding my video to the pile! XD

Great game.


Constantly impressed with how much you get done during these jams!


how did you make a game this good in 72 hours?

This game was so much fun! I loved the music!

Really had fun with this game! The setting was unique and the puzzles have you thinking a bit outside the box. Great job Nick Zangus! What do we have to look forwards to for the future? 

Cute and fun. Love the art and music,  and I think if the Rogues that I called can dress different colors it will be more interesting. Nice game :)

another insane game!! never fail to make a great game :D keep up the great work dude!! :D 

Nice little game :) I like the art style and the theme :D Good job!

But why the dudes can't lay down the objects anymore?^^

Very fun game! Loved the look of it and the music fit great. All around good job!

Really a nice game, i wanna see more levels of it! The dialogue was nice and funny and the music was very fitting imo, the artstyle was great! Keep up the great work

This looks like something worth speedrunning. I'm setting up a leaderboard for it on I'll reply once its accepted.

It's already been accepted.

i know, i moderate it


Very clever! I couldn't help but feel bad at the countless Rogues I murdered unintentionally. Feels very polished and is one of my favorite experiences from LD43 I've played. Will always be looking forward to future releases.

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