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how do I save?

My favourite art style! It's great!

This is great!

I like the way you kept the graphics simple, yet very nice.  The light-heartness of the dialog was cool.

I came across this gem, I really love it you put a lot of passion on it and very funny the talking too, great job ! I will come back and play more :)

This was fun. Loved everything about it but the combat but I found a way to win anyways :)

Here's my video of this game.

Had a lot of fun with this one. The art style is great. The small enemies attacks felt a little hard to dodge and the big enemy was way easier. Great for a jam entry! I could see a full fledged Action RPG in this style.

Fun game with nice graphics and funny plot. BUT, combat system is a bit buggy, you can't hit the enemy after dodging his attack. Also, you get damaged if you walk over the corpses LOL :D
But great work! Reminds me of Adventure Quest 3D