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this sure does look funny


Its a nice game, but IMPOSSIBLE

Awesome game XD

This game is so much fun! You have to get rid of the chickens by either bombs or shooting them out of cannons. I wished there other pirate ships, so I could battle them with my cannon hens. Great game! 10 / 10 


Hi! Thanks for making this game, I made you a video

So I had a blast playing this game, very impressive considering how long it took! 72 hours is pretty good for what it is :D I followed you and hope to see more from ya! 

At first i wasn't mindful enough and thought that i should throw then in the ocean.
But after 2 min of hen throwing i noticed that they fly back at ship.

Short but entertaining :D

Love this game

Putting chickens into cannons shouldn't be this much fun 12/10

On linux render bad... but is playable a bit... simple and fun! good work!

This game is so ridiculously stupid, that its amazing. (Thats a compliment).

Thank you! :-)

Love it! It's amazing how such a simple game can be so much enjoyable!

Cool game I gave a go.


I feel like there isn't actually a way to win this XD. all in all it was pretty fun

awesome game very fun and really funny also like the idea hope to see more in the future!!


I absolutely loved this game, If there were some updates, maybe with enemy ships that you need to shoot the bombs or hens onto to beat them, then that is the only way it could possibly get better. Keep up the good work!


Hey guys,

Very much enjoyed your game! It's got a lot going on for it with opportunity to expand even still in difficulty. Would love to see a 2nd level where the ship is in a storm and the eggs roll around for example. 

I featured the game on my channel. I hope you enjoy the video. 

Nope. Just nope. 


☠️🐔💥 YEETin some chickens off deck

Le malheur de ces poulets a fait mon bonheur! Un jeu exceptionellement beau a essayer absolument :)

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Thanks for the heads up on your new game Nick! Funny and a ton of fun! Did a video.

After a long time finally a game that made me laugh out loud. Great job on the execution, i wish the captain's narration would be a bit louder, but considering game was made in 72h it's not a big deal. Great job devs keep it up!

T'was Glorious


Really loved this! Awesome entry for the jam and a really creative idea! I really loved getting to embrace my inner pirate. 


this game was hilarious!! took me a while to figure out what the cannonballs were for haha! but this was brilliant!! XD great job on creating this game!

This game is fun and hilarious! Awesome job!

(Note: The cannon balls load into the cannon when you throw them at the chickens if it's to close. Not sure if it's what you was going for or a byproduct. Other then that a lot of fun!)

Youtuber: ForgedByGames

Shiver me timbers, what a fun game! Short and sweet, just how i like my indie games :D

Definitely one of my favourite short games. The gameplay is straightforward, but actually evicting all of the chickens is a lot harder than one might expect; especially if you forget about the chickens on the top deck!
Fantastic game, and highly recommended.

You can check out my experience in the video below (it's first!)

Made a video

Enjoyed your game a lot! At first I thought hmm this doesn't seem that kind of interesting boy was I wrong! It's hilarious and, fun to play!

This game was so hilariously awesome that I didn't want it to stop. There should be so much more to do.

Hey! Played this on my channel, had a great time! :D

love the game! for a game that was made in short amount! its beautiful and unique game-play kinda jelly i wish i had theses skills

hahaha this game is really hilarious and fun to play. Nice Work :)


As a 72 hour game, this is pretty enjoyable! I love the simple idea, and it flowed well for how much time you put into this! But god those birds man! 

So fun!! :D

I wish there was a timer to see how far I lasted but other than that I really enjoyed this! I found it really funny when the chickens flew back after throwing them! :p 

Great video, thank you!


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Thanks again Nick!

Thank you for the great video!

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