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Good Game

Very fun.

Played it. Loved it !


Pirates and exploding chickens.  What more could I ask from a game?

too many chickens!

Cool Game

This is a cool game

Am I late to the show? Perhaps. Was it still fun to try? Of course!

Your game was the first part of the video. I loved it, despite the lack of story or anything but chickens. 

Great Game! Quick play.

This. This is magical

I mean yeah, it was a short and simple game, but it was a lot of fun

Player keeps jumping nonstop, how can I fix that?

Does anyone else have that?


Really fun game, 10/10! XDD

this is such a fun short game

Its like Worms and Monkey Island had a baby. Top job!


the screen is all fuzzy

We had great fun with this game :D

Thank you so much!

Amazing. Realy, I had so much fun with this xD

One of the best ways to let off steam... Or just like blowing up things, either way such a fun and simple game!

very fun and entertaining. the difficulty is just right. one of the better games i have played on here. controller support would be nice since trackpads are very bad with this game.

Very funny game!  I must really laugh :D


its really nice to play something like this :D

This was a really funny and well made game considering it was made in 72 hours. I had a blast playing it! 


Cool and very hard

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Had fun with the game, it's pretty fast paced and fairly difficult. I think that the game is done very well and has just the right level of difficulty where it is challenging and fun at the same time.


It was very interesting, great expirience.

How did you link the game buttons with social media? I mean, how do you add links to ingame buttons?

In addition, how have you done the starting scenes? With cinemachine?

How are eggs being spawned? Do the chickens spawn by themselves those?

Thank you for this game.

ARGH LADDIES! Welcome aboard the ship! In this game you have to manage the deck and swab the hens and chickens off whilst they are rebreeding! It's fun laddie, you can do it! 

Nice game! Short and fun - just how I like these for type of games ! :)

This was a fun game to play thanks so much ^^ It was so quirky and fun to waste a few mins on :3


This game was very very fun, funny, and unique! Had fun playing it! Small game but definitely a time killer. 10/10 Would Recommend!

A lot harder than I originally thought, but was glad to actually go hands on! 

this sure does look funny

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