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Gosh! Those are some silly pants <3 

I decided to make a HANDLE WITH CARE video with a twist ahah hope you guys enjoy!

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Let's play Handle with Care! :D

I eventually got a Perfect score! So proud :)

Really fun little game. Maybe something that could be developed into a mobile game?


This game was absolutely fantastic! The visuals are so simplistic but beautiful. The physics make me panic when he starts to tip over and I get horrified I'm gonna drop it. It was really frustrating, yes, but I think that's a good thing.

I. Love. This. Effing. Game.


Check out this cool let's play video of this super awesome game! :D

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I'm also looking for connect with other Itchio games, so drop me a line, I'd love to check out your stuff and maybe collab in the future :D

Thanks mate, have a great day!!

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Fun game 10/10

This game was really fun, and really infuriating, but mostly fun!


I really really liked this. Covered it on my channel.

Hi! This game is a cool little game and I broke a lot of stuff lol and I made a video on youtube in INDONESIAN! Check it out! TERIMA KASIH!

I really enjoyed how crazy this made me I really just want to get the highscore, I hope you enjoy the video of my time in the game!



Got some expensive antiques that need to be put up on display? Maybe even some priceless pieces of rock columns from the old Greek century that should be put on a pedestal? I would say that I am the best at doing those things or maybe I should just be hired as a museum guard...

The game was super super fun to mess around and put things where they are supposed to! Definitely recommend anyone to just play this game BEFORE they start watching a video on it just because of how silly and fun this is!

Awesome funny game, had fun with this one, man I say weird stuff when everything is so hectic, play this game!

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Handle With Care is a Ludum Dare - 72 Hour - One Room game. It is an amazing physics based platformer and is fun as hell. The goal it to obviously not break any priceless relics but the challenge is in controlling your reckless character through the cluttered museum. Can you beat my score of 1,500?

Loved it! Lots of swearing!

This game is sooo much fun, I don't think I've had this much fun failing at something in a long time. Thank you for making this awesome game ^^


Aww thank you so much, that means a lot to me. Also, Sophie is the best name ;)

I had a total blast with this game ! And well done for completing this all in 72hours

Haha, this game is really funny! Loved it! And it's bloody hard too! I suck at it, but it was great fun! I'm sure you can do better, so make sure to try the game out! You'll never walk into a museum the same way again! ;)

Handle with Care

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When I first downloaded the game I thought the challenge was to not brake the aritfact you were holding, TURNS OUT THAT'S NOT THE CASE AT ALL! I had a lot of fun playing this game even though Tim (character) is a real klutz. :)

Really enjoyed playing this! Thank you for making it!

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This game was really fun and well detailed. I really loved the little detail put into the objects and the sound effects.

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This game is kind of like don't spill your coffee with a quite a difference in goal and outcomes and controls I found it quite fun and I would like to play the full game in the future. Here is my video on it if you would like to check it out

I do many of these so come check out the channel

A first look at Handle With Care.

I figured I would play this game drunk to see if I played any better. Yep, I did!

Had a blast playing this, couldn't get to a score of 3000 however :c

I got a score of -8750. I should be fired. But I'd love to see more levels, like a history level with dinosaurs and more breakable, priceless objects!

Well i got a score of 0.... Check this funny stuff out here! Enjoyed the video? Subscribe to join the BMC-UNIT and for more videos!!

Although I know the point of the game is to not break stuff, there is just something so satisfying about smashing everything. Fun game, but the main character should remember to not skip leg day.

I got the best score.

Tinkle tonkle floompf! Music to my ears:

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