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Really fun game. Nice grapihics, fun game mechanics and good level och difficulty. Feels like everything in the museum is made of glas. One touch (or kick for that matter) is just enought to break something. So letting the player choose what to start with without knowing what is the hardest or easiet is a fun idea. 

The only things I missed is a higer "difficulty". Maybe one were the intern can drop the item to if not careful and it would be a nice touch if the intern had some voice himself depending how good he can balance the item. 

Overall very fun game to play. Different from many games out there, this is a nice breeze in the air was this for a change. 

Very Entertaining Game !!! lol



Silly, fun game! Any chance of seeing this game updated with more levels? 

THE GAME WAS SOOO FUN!! I kinda..blew it in the end :)

BREAK EVERYTHING SIMULATOR, now with stupid commentary :)

nice game👍👍👍

greatest game ever

Again, the only things i like in games are fun, and effort. Some of the games have simple but cute graphics and design. In that case the part about effort can be optional because it is still cute. In this game we have quirky controls and cute design. This game is a one time game and it isn't much else. I think that it is fun to play with friends and laugh. There is nothing more i can say. Overall, 7/10 for fun :D

I remember seeing this game around on the internet awhile ago and I'm so glad it showed up on my recommended page! A really unique idea that I had a blast playing around with! Keep up the good work! 

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I destroyed eveything and got -10000 >:)

I included Handle With Care in my most recent video! What a funny game! So much fun! I would love to see more of this kind of style!  :D

Handle With Care is the third game in this video! :)

Thank You!


This was awesome to play! Thank you for such a unique game! I really enjoyed it and my best score was 1750 :) 


Fun little game! Especially when you don't think it's hard. You will soon realize that being calm is the key. Definitely I didn't do that in my play through however! Although its a damn good game if you are bored! 

This game is fun to play! I like trying to maneuver around the vases and columns to try to place the artifact onto their pedestal without breaking any of the vases. The hardest one for me to go through was in the Greek vases area upstairs. There was no way to go between the three vases in that small cramped space. I would recommend this game to play, especially with family and friends! 10 / 10! 

A fun but short game! 10/10 


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Great game didn't rage but got a big improvement while playing this game in terms of breaking few vases. Keep it up Nick love your chicken killer game XD

I thoroughly enjoyed this and it embedded a constant fear I have especially visiting antique stores. 

This game was hilarious. I sucked at it, in all honesty, but I still had a good time whatsoever.

Seriously enjoyed this game! how do you lundum dare contestants do it? i honestly don't know! Loved this game, and it made a decent vid, thanks :) 

cual es requerimiento para jugar

ARE YOU CLUMSY LIKE HAROLD? Well, fear not! Harold will make you feel so much better about yourself because HE can't stand on his own two legs so he is a real self esteem boost! 

indonesia gameplay HANDLE WITH CARE


how to run on 64 bit linux?

This was fun haha

I really enjoyed my time with this game! Check out my Let's Play!

Cute and fun game :)

WOW! This Game ist very Amazing!!! :D I LOVE IT ^^


Brilliant!!So relaxing and calming game in which you can actually find your inner peace! xD Thanks for sharing your work with us man!Loved it! 
Here is my Let's Play: 

Just another day at work! Funny little rage game xD

Make sure to follow me @ YouTube as i upload new videos every single day about random games like this!

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Let’s carry fragile stuff around a room fulled with other fragile stuff, I’m guessing it may not be as easy as it sounds.

Love'd it, expand it and make more.

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